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How to take good pictures, Secrets of a good composition.

1. "Rule of Thirds" (rule of the "golden section")

Many important components are placed in the center, however, such images often do not look very good. Location of the object at the center means that both sides of it remains an empty space, and at the top, too, especially if it is a portrait. It is better to place the object directly in the center and focus the image and then move toward the object. Using the rule of "golden section" or "rule of thirds", and is unlikely to go wrong! How to use the rule of thirds? Imagine that the image is divided by four lines in equal parts. Some digital cameras when the shutter button is ready to give "lattice" of such lines. Use a grid (imaginary or real) and correctly place the subject. "Rule of Thirds" ("Rule golden section") Automatically displays the grill makes it easy to use the rule of thirds - can only place the main subject at the intersection of lines.

Place the horizon line along one of the two horizontal lines. Key elements, such as a friend's face, located at the intersection of two lines. If you have two important object, place, both on the "crossroads" - you can be sure that a great song is guaranteed! the composition, the rule of three thirds  Rule of Thirds Rule golden section rule of three thirds of the Golden Section rule of thirds Picture Golden Section Golden Section Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds in photography photo

2. Moving objects

If you are photographing people walking, do not forget that they have to "go" in the frame and sent to the middle, ie, leave a blank space before reaching the person. The same rule applies to shooting moving cars, horses and other objects: Moving objects should be included in the frame Moving objects need to "go" in the frame

3. Approaching

Very easy to take pictures, leaving around the subject a lot of empty space. Often we realize that the subject takes up very little space when it is too late to change anything. Therefore think in advance what you fill the frame. Come closer to the object or use the zoom lens. Fill the frame Fill the frame!

4. Pay attention to objects

If you want to draw attention to some defined object (your friend, building something remarkable, your dog, and so on), it is important that the subject stand out clearly. Be especially careful when your subject is in the cluttered background or near other people or objects. Do not forget that the audience should be clear who or what is in the spotlight. so: 1.fon should be as clean 2.fon can be made sharp and thus the object will look more expressive Select objects In the picture from left to depth of field has been reduced by opening the diaphragm. This helped identify the girl. Read more about the depth of field >>>

5. Use the frame

Photo Frame from the leaves of the tree Photo Frame from the leaves of the tree The result will always be better if you learn how to frame objects. Now we are not talking about the wooden frames purchased in the art salon; it is that the landscape can be used as an element of composition that allows images to give depth. A good frame can become a doorway, tree branches, arches and trees, which can be "to frame" the subject  Photo Frame of the window opening frame photo frame photo of trees from trees .

6. Interact with the background

A typical picture of the holiday: your friend is facing a monument - it is boring and mundane ... foreground and background are not integrated and do not talk to each other - it's just a person and a place ... This simple picture can be improved if to do something to create a link between figure and ground - for example, ask a friend to lean on a stone pedestal, and with a look to see the monument. Now she is part of the scene rather than something disconnected from it. Joanna herding sheep, (Petteri) Joanna herding sheep, (Petteri)

7. Several objects

If you want to take pictures of several objects, and both are important to you, then you need to follow the principle of equilibrium - place the objects so that they balance each frame on its part: photograph several obektovTakzhe you can trim the photo by using the rule of thirds - place objects on the lines or in the center of the intersection of lines: rule of thirds rule of thirds two objects two objects

8.Ispolzovanie lines

Lines emotional impact on the viewer: curved lines soothe broken act as a stimulus horizontal - calm and serenity (horizons, oceans, people sleeping) vertical lines - the grandeur, height (skyscrapers, trees) diagonal - dynamism. s-shaped lines Right - flamingos calm, his neck is a pleasant eye s-shaped form and to find a more suitable background. Often used method of using injecting lines - a line that originates in one of the bottom corners of the image and lead to its semantic center, typically located at the "golden section". This line can be found in almost any story: the path, elongated object, the line of separation of tones or colors. diagonal lines - dynamic

9. Experiment with foreshortening

take pictures from above top down Most of the pictures made with the same height and with the same angle. More interesting results can be achieved using the camera in different ways - for example, if you look from the bottom up or raise the camera above his head and sent him down. You can try to do a photo at an angle. Turn the camera on a diagonal turn on the diagonal Note that shooting from the bottom helps make people more important, and shooting from above "belittles" them. If you shoot high buildings, turning the camera on a diagonal in the frame can accommodate the entire building, and also it starts to seem much more impressive.

10. Use the flash - but gently!

Contrast Lighting The picture on the left is made in normal mode, with the result that the man was in the shade. Right used shooting functions backlight ("contrast of light") In the conditions of insufficient natural lighting, using the flash gives the opportunity to get a great shot. On a clear sunny day to use flash will help prevent dark shadows (eg on the faces of people who are not lit by the sun) Some cameras have a mode of so-called "fill-flash". They emit a small pulse of light to soften shadows, and use the flash remains virtually invisible. Use the flash within its range Keep the object in the area of ​​the flash Photos taken at night using the flash, can sometimes disappoint you, because the subject may be located outside the area of ​​coverage. In the case of compact cameras, such a zone is relatively small and is usually limited to a distance of 3 meters from the camera.

11. Not only horizontally!

Why do we often do photos horizontally? Turn the camera 90 degrees, and you will have the chance to build a great composition, add interesting sound and variety to your collection of photos. Vertical location is very important for krupnoplanovyh photos of people or attractions!

12. Closer, closer!

Flowers, insects, and even jewelry allow you to do a very great shot, but it needs to shoot them close up. Get closer, you can see all the details of the fine structure. Most of the camera has a minimum focusing distance, allows you to choose the object is close enough, and some cameras there is also a mode of "macro". In macro mode you get the picture almost life-size. Digital cameras are more effective in macro mode. First, you can use the LCD screen to make sure that the object is really in focus. Second, digital cameras often have a more suitable lens for close-up photography. If you have a film camera, do not be afraid to work with close-ups; It should more carefully choose a distance. In addition, make sure that leads shooting in the brightest possible light, because due to this you will get a greater depth of field.

Currently Photo shops offer additional supplementary lenses for most of the cameras can be mounted on the camera lens, to shoot very small objects close up. You can buy adapter rings, they will allow you to connect the camera with a microscope and take a photomicrograph. When using macro mode, or you can pick up makrolinzy to the subject so close that it will fall the shadow of the camera lens. Therefore, pay special attention to lighting. Мне нравится жизнь без порно, она напоминает мне о том, какими могут быть отношения без вредных привычек.

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